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My name is Mark Schwartz from Aurora, OH a city  30 miles south east of Cleveland, OH. I have been selling Stiga NHL and Playoff games since 1999. I also have been selling all teams parts and accessories such as stands and talking timers for the Stiga Table Hockey Games. I have sold over 5000 games since February 1999. If you have any questions regarding Stiga Table Hockey games feel free to either email or call me. I chose to sell Stiga table hockey games because first of all they are the absolute best table hockey game made today.  Secondly, Stiga Table Hockey games are played around the world in table hockey tournaments. Thirdly  hockey is the greatest game on earth  and I have been playing Table Hockey Games since I was able to stand up. My first game was a Bobby Hull Munro game from 1971. I have been playing ice hockey since I was able to walk. I have been a USA Hockey Referee and Certified High School Referee for the past 18 seasons I also have been coaching Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam hockey for the previous 9 seasons.   All I do is hockey, hockey, hockey except when I am at my full time job during the day.


I ship games, parts and teams world wide, games have been sold to customers in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Hawaii, Alaska, France, Italy, Scotland, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Israel, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, China, Norway, and Ireland, North Pole, Latvia.  100% of my  games have reached their destination regardless of their final destination.



I take great care when inspecting, preparing and
shipping all games, which I personally do myself.

I remove each and every game from the box for a full inspection before mailing your game.

2. I check Plexiglas for broken tabs.

3. I inspect each team pack for completeness or damage .

4. I inspect the ice sheet for blemishes or tears.

5. I check every rod and gear to insure all are working smoothly, if needed I spray WD-40 on gears.
6.  I personally construct a custom plain brown cardboard box to ship your game in.  There are no
      markings  what so ever signifying what the contents of the box are. 
      Your game will be in the factory game box enclosed in my custom plain brown cardboard box.

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