Table Hockey Playing Rules

Official USTHA Rule Standards

1. STIGA'S PLAY OFF OR STANLEY CUP boards must be used for the official competitions.
The games should be fastened or stuck to the tables.

Match duration is 5 minutes (300 sec). Time will be running even if the puck is out of play.
Matches begin with the puck placed in the center circle of the rink, the 2 center/forwards
being on their own side. All other face-offs are made by dropping the puck in the center
of the center circle, the 2 center/forwards being in the position above mentioned. Before
dropping the puck, be sure your opponent is ready.
The center cannot score directly after a face-off. Three seconds must elapse after each
face-off, including the beginning of a match, and the puck must pass through contested
ice before it is possible to score a goal. If not, the goal is not valid and a new face-off
takes place. This rule is effective even if a referee is making the face-off.
The puck has to stay in the goal for it to count. In and outs do not count.
To score a goal directly, with the left/right defenseman or goalkeeper from a motionless
puck, by pressing the puck against your goal cage and making a score is not valid.
The same rule applies if you press the puck with the left or
right defenseman against your goalkeeper.

A goal scored by a shot with the body of any player after having stabilized the puck, is not
valid. If the puck comes to a standing still position without being stabilized by the player,
then the player is allowed to score. It is possible to score a goal by shooting a stabilized
puck, if the shot is deflected off another player. It is allowed to score a goal with a
player's right foot, if using it as a stick.
If the puck comes to rest between your goalie and the goal line AND is touching the
goal line you may call a "freeze", which results in a face-off. A puck in any other position
must be played. You may not place the puck in a freeze position and call freeze.
During the play-off matches, in the event of a draw at the end of the 5 minutes, the
winner is the one who scores the first goal (sudden death), following a face-off.
If a broken rod interrupts a game or another problem that cannot be quickly fixed,
players agree on time remaining and complete the match on an alternate table.
A face-off continues the remaining match time.
When a goal is scored as the final buzzer is sounding, it will not be awarded. In case of
any doubt, the goal is not valid.
If a competitor is not in front of the board and ready to play through the first 15 seconds
after the beginning of the match, he automatically loses this match by 4-1.
Tie breakers to determining division standings after rounds will be 1) pts, 2) wins,
3) head to head, 4) +/-, and if still tied, a 90 sec period, total goals and if still tied
after that, a sudden death overtime.
For play-offs top rank player gets choice of game and side. Play two games, switch
sides, play two games then switch back and play one, one and one.
All players are expected to ensure that these rules are all enforced and respected.
Players will act in accordance with the Players Code of Conduct.
Other considerations
A CD timer preferably will be used for all matches with voice, music and tones at
designated minute intervals with final buzzer to end game.
Tournament officials will make every effort to modify the goal cups so as to reduce
the number of in and outs. Surfaces are cleaned with Windex only!
Extra pucks will be at game side. Extra players should be available to replace any
broken ones quickly during play.
Players may use either NHL or International teams.

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